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Autumn pet safety

The fall season brings new dangers for household pets, so careful attention to a few details can keep your pet safe from unwanted danger. Pets are mobile creatures that tend to get into trouble if they are left to tend

Acupuncture for pets

Understand how your best friend can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, by learning how it works and how animals respond to it. Acupuncture has been used in animals since the times of the Jin dynasty (around 3,000 years ago) not

Nitrite poisoning in animals

Nitrates are found in many areas of the environment. Almost all animals are susceptible to nitrate poisoning especially if they consume plants that have excess amounts of the compound. Nitrate is used in pickling brines, as a meat preservative, gunpowder,

Cleaning your pet’s teeth

When it comes to cleaning your pet’s teeth it could be a challenge. You ask yourself, (Why should I brush my pet’s teeth?). For the same reasons humans brush their teeth, they can get cavities, have plaque build-up and abscess

Pets and euthanasia

Your pet has been such a big part of your life. Over the years he has told you when he is happy. He has told you when he was hungry or needed water; he has told you when he wanted

Rectal prolapse in sheep

A rectal prolapse is a condition where a portion of the rectum becomes unattached internally and protrudes out of the anus. It is easy to recognize – it looks like a tubular red mass of tissue hanging out of the

Deciding on pet insurance

There are so many companies competing with each other to provide pet cover and when you need to find one that you’re happy with, it helps to know that there are certain things to look out for. Whatever policy you

Mange in pets

The main cause of mange is an unhealthy environment. Parasites on the skin cause the disease where mites can run rampant. Eight-month-old Kody Bear arrived via Delta airlines sporting a case of demodectic mange. The veterinarian recommended Ivermectin, a drug

How to feed a thin pet to help it gain weight

Being too thin is just as unhealthy for a pet as it is for a person. While you certainly do not want an obese pet either, being able to help your pet attain a proper, healthy, weight is important to

15 steps to a healthy pet

When you take on the responsibility of a pet you must become an informed and responsible steward. Your pet relies on you for proper nutrition, a safe habitat, clean drinking water, appropriate food supplements, health exams and vaccinations, plus lots