Cats Food Review Iams Dry Kitten Health

I have been feeding my cats Iams dry food for about seven years. I currently have four cats. Two of them are seven years old, one is three and the fourth is around seven months old. I originally purchased Iams because it was one of the more reasonably priced “high-end” cat foods. I believe it was also recommended to me by a relative. I have never met a cat that didn’t like the taste of Iams. In fact, I have several obviously well-fed cats in my neighborhood who come by for a taste.

Over the years I have purchased other brands in the same “high-end” category because I had a coupon or they were on sale and not one of them has been such a hit with my babies as Iams. Since my cats are so spread out in age, I buy the Multiple Cats formula, which is available in two flavors. My cats like both flavors equally. I am convinced that Iams is the best food for my cats because they are all at a healthy weight and all of them have high energy levels. Even my seven year-olds are full of vigor and will play kitten games occasionally. All of my cats have very healthy, shiny coats. Their eyes are clear and I haven’t seen any problems with their vision. They are all very aware of and active in their surroundings. I keep dry food out for them at all times and they never over-eat. When I do offer them wet food, they don’t eat very much because their regular diet keeps them happy and sated. I don’t know all about the Iams company or how the make the food, but the results I see with my four cats is all the proof I need that Iams is an excellent product. As I mentioned before, Iams is reasonably priced, which is very important since I am feeding three adult cats and one kitten (not to mention the three “regulars” I see visiting my porch).

When my kitten was weaning from the bottle to dry food, I fed him Iams kitten formula in wet first, then dry. He was reluctant to drink formula from a bowl and give up the bottle (he kepy chewing the nipples off). So I tried tantalizing him with some wet food to see if that would motivate him to eat ad drink from a dish. Oh boy, once he smelled that wet food, I threw all his bottles away! He learned real quick how to eat and drink from a dish, so I was able to get him his kitten milk too without risking him choking on a chewed-off nipple.

So, from kitten to adolescent to senior, Iams is working out for me and my feline buddies. We all agree that this food is number one for nutrition and flavor (I will have to take their purrs on that one). With all this great experience, I will stick with Iams as long as I have a cat-or four:)