Causes for a Cat not Eating

Eating is usually not a problem for cats but there are some situations where your cat will stop eating. When this happens it is up to you to find the reason. Cats are noted for being a little finicky but if they stop eating over a period of twenty four hours it is best to seek your veterinarian’s advice. Here are a few causes for a cat to stop eating.

Stress issues

Stress can cause your cat to stop eating. Cats are mysterious animals and if their living quarters are invaded by another animal they do not like very much, the stress alone can make them refuse food. Stress can be caused by other factors as well. Any change in your cat’s environment can cause them to stress which in turn causes them to stop eating.

The answer to these problems is if you have another animal in your home that is stressing your cat out separate them as much as possible until they can tolerate each other. This may take time and patience but it is well worth the effort. A change in their environment such as changing furniture or routine can be helped by doing this slowly so your cat can accept the changes without stress.

Territorial issues

Cats are very territorial whether they are an inside cat or an outside cat. If your cat has had a conflict with another cat during the day it can upset your cat enough to cause them not to eat. Cats like their own space. You can help this situation by keeping your outside cat inside and giving your inside cat lots of space alone until he settles down.

Dining elsewhere

If your cat is an outside cat and he stops eating maybe you should look to your neighbors. Most people love cats and for one reason or another cannot have one so it is quite comforting to be able to feed your cat and let him return home. There is also a chance that your cat is dining on garbage so check around the neighborhood for his favorite garbage can. These are reasons for a cat to stop eating.

Changing your cats diet

You already know how finicky cats can be and it takes very little to set them in a mood. Changing your cat’s diet can be the cause for him to stop eating. If you have had your cat on a certain type of food for a long time and want to change it do not do this all at once. It is best to slowly mix the new food with the old. This way he is more likely to accept the new food without any hassle. Cats do not like change in their routine, environment or their food. Changing food slowly is the key to getting your cat to accept the new food without stress.

Illness issues

This perhaps is the most serious reason why your cat stops eating. If your cat is ill you should see your veterinarian immediately. Illness in a cat can present other symptoms along with not eating, such as being lethargic, sign of a fever and very agitated. If you are seeing these signs you need help in finding the source of the illness and treating it.

It is very worrisome when your cat stops eating but look to the most obvious reasons first. Obviously if they are not eating at home but still gaining weight they are getting their food somewhere outside. If your cat is an indoor cat it gives you a lot more control over this situation. Whatever the cause of your cat not eating it becomes a concern and makes you worry about the causes for a cat not eating.