Causes of Dogs not Eating

There are many causes for a dog not eating and you have to have a good bond with your dogs at times to find out the exact cause. The causes can range from psychological issues to physical issues and everything in between. When a dog loses his appetite it becomes a very big concern for their owners. Let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons.


If your dog suffers from anxiety it can be the main reason of his loss of appetite. For example if your dog does not like being left alone yet you have to work during the day it can lead to a loss of appetite.  Your dog can actually suffer from depression which can lead to a loss of appetite. There may be many reasons for depression in dogs such as the loss of another pet that your dog felt attached to or the loss of a family member. Depression moves in and the appetite wanes.

Dogs can lose their appetites if nature is taking its course as in male dogs when a female goes in heat and he has mating on his mind. This also applies to the female that’s waiting to mate. They will lose their appetite while in heat but will gain it back as soon as the heat cycle ends.


Probably the first thing you should check if your dog is not eating his regular food is check your garbage. Some dogs love leftovers in garbage and will find their delights in eating there. Many things can take place for your dog to stop eating. A little upset stomach can leave your dog uninterested in food. Sometimes it takes very little to put your dog off his food. If your dog suffers from a dental problem it could be the reason why he is not eating.

Maybe your dog is suffering from an underlying health problem that may cause him not to eat. If your dog has internal or external parasites it can be aggravating enough for him to lose interest in eating. You can check your dog by giving him a physical exam at home. If you know your dog well enough you can probably narrow down what may be the cause of his loss of appetite.

If your dog is off his food do not just dismiss it. Try to find the underlying cause of this behavior. When your dog stops eating it is always a source of concern. If the cause is not obvious and it has not corrected itself in an appropriate amount of time visit your veterinarian so he can help you determine the cause for your dog’s loss of appetite. It is well worth the visit and in some cases may save your dog’s life. Your veterinarian is a wealth of information and can tell you the causes for dogs not eating.