Clydesdale Budweiser Anheuser Busch Draft Horse

The breed characteristics of the Clydsedale are vast but one will always come to the forefront, its massive size and beauty. This is a horse that is widely recognized based simply upon its unique look.

Everyone who see’s the majestic Clydesdale automatically thinks of one thing, Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser. The horse brings images of beer and large wagons. Nowadays the thought of amusement parks even jumps into peoples minds when they see these unique horses, also. Busch Gardens has become quite famous for its two high end parks in Florida and Virginia. But always when you think of these topics you see the beautiful matched horses marching in your mind. Super Bowl Sunday has also pushed the horses to the forefront with their half time commercials for beer featuring the beauty of the Clydesdale.

But no one can look at the Clydsdale without first seeing its beauty and sheer mass. It is a horse that was bred to work. It is a horse that literally floors you with its sleek muscled body and its extreme size. You cannot look at one and not automatically think that this is where the term, “work horse’, comes from.

All of this has made this breed one of the most recognized of all horses in the world. What most people don’t realize is that these horses have been used for many centuries as horses of not only war but draft horses who performed many labor intensive jobs. They can pull six times their weight and they are excellent carriage animals. These horses were bred to work. And work they do with a zeal that most animals don’t have. They have huge hearts that beat to please their owners. They were bred in Clydesdale Scotland to aid their owners in many different jobs which took a horse with extreme strength.

As the world moved away from wagons and their need for the strong draft horse the Clydesdale slipped into obscurity and became endangered. Even now there are fewer then 5000 of these amazing animals worldwide. Most of these horses are shown and used in competition situations nowadays.

Despite its history as a heavy draft horse it can be ridden. But it is used for this purpose very rarely. This breed of animal requires a great deal of care. It eats a considerable amount and the cost of showing can become quite large. All of this has kept its popularity down except with the diehards. Many Clydesdales are now being crossed with the Thoroughbred to produce a horse for the Hunt lovers.

Its sheer size is also very humbling to most horse people. The Clydesdale can stand over 20 Hands and weigh in at 2000 pounds. But the horse has a heart of gold and bonds quite deeply with its owner. It will go over and above in its need to please. They are truly a gentle giant with breathtaking beauty. They normally come in Bay, Chestnut, or Black with white markings. Once a person see’s one of these majestic horses they will never forget it. Their beauty is awe inspiring.