Common causes of Skin Conditions in American Bulldogs

American bulldogs are wonderful pets; with their powerful jaw, broad chest, muscular build and large head. Their coat is short and smooth. They are active, social and confident dogs. Unfortunately they have sensitive skin and are prone to many skin related disorders, especially during the summer months. These skin disorders cause great discomfort to the animal and anxiety to its owner. 

The first sign of any skin condition is excessive scratching. It is always advisable to consult a certified veterinarian when you observe this behavior in your pet. 

Ichthyosis is a genetic skin condition which is known to affect American bulldogs. The severity of the disorder varies from dry flaky skin to cracked and hard skin. This disorder can even cause death if not treated appropriately. Skin disorders in dogs may be caused by various allergies.

American bulldogs are known to be allergic to molds, insects, food, grass, pollen and dust. Skin allergies cause itching and considerable discomfort. American bulldogs are more allergic to insect bites when compared to other breeds. It is a good idea to add an ounce of electro-colloidal silver to the dog’s water bowl. It can also be applied to the skin directly. It promotes healing of itchy abrasions and contusions. Antihistamine medication is effective in treating pollen allergies in American bulldogs. 

Skin problems in American bulldogs may be caused by bacterial infections. Bacterial infections lead to dry skin and hair loss. The skin usually turns red. These infections are known to spread to the other parts of the animal’s body if it is not treated appropriately. However they are not contagious to humans. Antibiotics are effective in curing bacterial infections in American bulldogs.

Skin related medical conditions may also be caused by fungi. Fungal infections are usually found in the dog’s legs. The animal affected by fungal infections develops hair loss in circular patterns, with dryness at the center. Fungal infections are highly contagious. They spread to the other dogs and even to the humans if proper precautions are not taken. It is advisable to wash your hands with soap after handling the infected dog. If you have multiple pets, it is a good idea to quarantine the affected dog. 

Brush the coat periodically. It is advisable to keep the coat of your American bulldog clean and to check the surface of the skin regularly. This goes a long way in preventing serious damage to the skin of your majestic pet.