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There is an over-population of all domestic animals in general in our country and it’s the fault of every breeder who does not breed responsibly. This includes every owner of a dog, whether officially a breeder or not.

We opened an equine transport business less than a year ago and in that time, we’ve acquired, 1 cat, 15 dogs and 4 horses. All of these animals were surrendered to us for various reasons, some with ailments, some not, some just unwanted or they were unable to financially afford their pet. From California, we received 8 heelers from the humane society that shut down a puppy mill.

While we’ve had some luck on finding them homes, it’s begun to cost a small fortune in trying to save all of them. We just don’t have the hearts to turn away animals that could quite possibly be sold to slaughter or euthanized.

This has become an epidemic and we need to stand and hold people accountable. If you’re going to own a pet, regardless of what it is, take the time to have them fixed. Yes, it costs money, but it is so much cheaper and humane than letting them reproduce animals that have a good potential of becoming unwanted at some point.

When choosing a new dog for a pet, decide if you must have a particular breed. Even if you answer yes, there are literally thousands of shelters and I’m sure it won’t be that hard to find the breed that you want and you can rescue an unwanted dog rather than encourage breeders to keep milling out fresh stock.

The most effective way to make breeders take account of their part in this problem is stop using them. Let’s face it, money speaks volumes and most people who do breed, do so predominantly for the money. If they can no longer sell their puppies, they will consider whether it’s worth continuing or not.

We need to encourage our government into more strictly regulating breeders as well. Many take poor care of their breeding dogs. They are not looked at as animals with feelings, rather as money making producers.

We need to demand that pet organizations like AKC and the like also take a pro-active role in responsible breeding. They, more than others know exactly how many litters a dam has had. Even for small breeds, it’s unhealthy to let them breed each cycle. If they take a stand to cut down on breeding as well, it will put more pressure on the puppy mill breeders to stop what they’re doing.

The bottom line is to stop breeding. There are more than enough dogs in this country for everyone who wants a dog to have one. And it’s costing those who care and are trying to rescue them a fortune. Please, visit your local shelter for your next best friend. There is nothing like the love from an animal who has been rescued.