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“We’re moving and the new place doesn’t take pets.” or maybe the VERY overused and rarely true “We found out we’re allergic.” How about some more? “We don’t have the time, got more hours at work and we feel like our pet would be better off in a new home.” and “He was such a calm puppy, but now he’s big and wild and we can’t manage him anymore!” then there’s “We don’t have time to housebreak and the carpet is ruined.” The list goes on. I work intake for an animal shelter, we don’t see puppies come in from breeders, we see young and old, big and small, all breeds and combination of breeds come in because people impulse bought.

“But the breeder should screen better!” you say? In 22 years working animal rescue I have yet when we got the breeders info from the person surrendering the animal (REALLY rare, they almost NEVER give that info to us.) not had the breeder hurry down and pick the animal up, apologetic, upset and anxious to save the dog, furious the owners hadn’t called them first (and often we were told the owner HAD called the breeder but the breeder wouldn’t take the dog back.) Even in cases of ugly mixes, the people who brought them into the world have always, when we’ve been able to find them, come to get the dog. Blaming the breeders is ridiculous, its like blaming Winchester for deaths by the guns they make. If the public didn’t beg and scream and fall all over themselves to buy mixed breed “designer” pets, nobody would be deliberately breeding them, if people didn’t impulse buy in pet stores, puppy mills wouldn’t exist. If the public took proper care of their pets and spay/neutered, we wouldn’t have THAT mess either.

People defy what breeders ask of them, they don’t call the breeder when they have a problem, they don’t call when they go to give up the dog, usually because they fed that breeder some serious stories about how badly they wanted that puppy, how they would NEVER even dream of giving it up, how they had read and researched and waited for years to find just that puppy, and they know the breeder, while they take the dog back, will also frown and may comment on broken promises, or violations of purchase contracts. One dog surrendered recently was an unaltered male Labrador, when I asked if the man had called the breeder about taking the dog back he laughed “No way! I was supposed to neuter him 4 years ago, she’d kill me if she found out he wasn’t fixed and I’d been breeding him! No way, I can’t call her, better he go through here, you guys will pay for fixing him right?”

Everyone wants to place the blame on the breeders, well, I just don’t agree, by and large, the vast majority of animals in shelters are there because too many people are greedy, bratty, lazy and dishonest and can not separate what they WANT from what they can handle. It is the OWNERS who dump the dogs on the street or into shelters, the people who didn’t spay/neuter and had their laziness catch up with their poor pet, the fools who think that a purebred dog with papers should be bred, the idiots who buy the myth that a female makes a better pet if she goes through a heat or a litter, but it is NOT not real breeders.