Dog Breeds Prone to Cancer

Cancer is an awful disease sickness that does not only occur in humans, but other animals as well, even small rodents such as hamsters are very prone to cancer. In the world of dogs, any dog breed can have cancer but some are actually more prone to it believe it or not. Here are some dog breeds that can catch up with cancer more easily, meaning their cells in their body are more cancerous.

New foundland dog –

This breed of dog is known for its huge build but gentle giant persona. They are laid back and considerably easy to manage, even when they are puppies. These dogs are usually very sturdy and healthful but studies show that at least ten percent of this breed is prone to cancer. An easy well to tell if they have cancerous cells is by noticing they have been more lazy acting than usual and has been on going for many months, then it is time to get them checked into a vet and see what is up.

Boxer –

The boxer dog is a sturdy built but lean and muscular breed that originates from Great Britain. These dogs are friendly and active and love to play. It would be an unfortunate witness to see one with cancer as they would act more sickly and not able to be their fun filled selves. Also keep in check if they have a wound on their body and it does not heal for a long period of time, this can be a very common sign of cancer in humans and dogs alike and a wound not healing should not be taken lightly, seek out a vet right away if this occurs.

German Shepherd –

This strong and very intelligent breed is also prone to cancer. You can notice signs of cancer early such as them acting more lazy than usual as well as them easily getting sick more often. They well also get more and more skinny as months pass. It is not good to keep this going without getting a proper diagnosis.

So just as people, your favorite dog can be prone to this terminal illness as well. Without the cure for it you just have to keep on trucking and be there for your dog as hard as it may seem, but they need you the most in their attempts to battle this disease and live as long and as healthy as possible.