Dog Breeds Prone to Deafness

All dog breeds can gain one of the worst loss of senses, their hearing. This is especially bad since they have such an acute sense of hearing and losing that sense makes them especially vulnerable. Some dog breeds can lose it quicker than others or in fact be more prone to it than others. If you are trying to decide which kind of dog you would want, there are some you should be wary of in case you’re scared of your dog becoming deaf, it is the chance that you take up!

Dalmatians –

In a study taken in the 1950s, it was stated that this breed of dog is one of most prone to deafness. Twenty two percent of Dalmatians can have deafness crawl up to them later in life. These dogs are usually healthy with a good balance but their ears can get a bit weak especially in these times when they become over bred, the deafness can catch up to them even more! If you would like a Dalmatian, try not to have very loud sounds around in the house as this can lessen their hearing almost drastically.

Bull terriers –

This English breed of dog has a prone sense to hearing as well. This is, just like the Dalmatian, due to too much inbreeding as their ear valves get smaller and smaller over each decade they are bred. You can notice the difference in their facial structure over the course of one hundred years. They now have quite a long face as before they had a small snout like other terriers. This has occurred in the way they hear also, and their ears fall flat after so many years.

English setters –

These dogs have been good companions in England for centuries but they also get hard of hearing faster than other breeds. They are also easily prone to cancer and hip dysplasia. Their ears not working can be very troublesome for these dogs since they have always been great hunters, and falling flat with their hearing is not something that should go unnoticed. This is mostly common with their old age however and them being treated nicely and healthy can go a long way.

Many dog breeds succumb to hearing loss which is quite a sad them to undertake if you have one but they need your love and attention more than ever! They truly depend on you when they are unable to hear and this should be taken into consideration.