Dog Grooming Tips Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs have a very short coat, so many people wrongly believe that there is little grooming required. However, to help keep a Boxer in good condition, regular grooming is necessary.

The head

This is the best place to start grooming.

Using a damp cloth or baby wet wipe, clean below the dog’s eyes. Always wipe away from the eye to avoid pushing any hair up the wrong way. It is also a good idea to clean down the bridge of the dog’s nose, as in the wrinkles to make sure that the entire face is clean.

Cleaning the ears need not be done by a veterinarian if a few simple rules are followed. Never push anything into the dogs ear canal (like a cue-tip or cotton tip cleaner), or use any form of liquid that is not specially formulated for use in dogs ears.

A simple, and effective cleaning method is by wrapping a fragrant-free baby wet wipe around your finger and gently wiping out the ear. Do not push down into the ear, and if the dog exhibits any sign of discomfit, stop cleaning. It is possible that the dog has an ear infection, so it may be necessary to visit your local veterinarian to be sure.

The body.

A healthy Boxer will need nothing more than a brush over with a soft brush. The only time that it may not be this simple is when the dog is shedding. (almost every breed of dog sheds their winter coat in preparation for the warmer months, and again when cold weather is coming around again).

During shedding, use a slightly stiff brush to remove the dead hair. Unlike a weekly brush, a shedding groom can take anywhere up to 40 minutes, and it is almost impossible to remove every dead hair.

If short on time, and the dog is dirty, use a wet face-washer or a baby wet wipe and wipe over the dogs body. Pay particular attention to the area around the base of the dogs tail as this is where dirt will build up.

Toes and toe-nails.

Clipping the toe-nails on a dog can make people very nervous. Below are a couple of tips to make toenail clipping go smoother.

# Handle the dogs feet regularly to desensitise him to the touch.

# Find a pair of sharp toenail scissors or clippers. (Blunt clippers will pinch or tear the nail which can cause pain to the dog).

# Clean each toenail with a wipe before clipping each nail so that it is possible to see the quick. (The quick is the blood vessel that feeds each nail).

# Take a little and often. Avoid taking too much off each nail at a time. Make sure that before the nail is cut, the blade is at least 2 millimetres from the quick.

# When the toenails are done, reward the dog with a high-value treat. (a piece of biscuit or cheese is good for this).

Once all of these things are done, the dog should look nice and feel a lot better. For many Boxers, the grooming requirements are:

Brush twice per week,

Clean ears and face twice per week, and

Clip toenails every six weeks (more regularly if the dog is on soft ground or carpet and the nails are not worn down naturally).

It isn’t difficult to keep a Boxer dog looking great, just a few minutes each day, or a half hour twice a week is usually enough. If the dog loves water, this a great way of letting him have a swim and a bath all at the same time!