Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Rabbit Owners

Many rabbit owners are very concerned about the environment.  They might enjoy a gift that is related both to the environment and to the animal that they own.  The following are some eco-friendly gift ideas for rabbit owners.

Organic bunny stuffed animal

A rabbit owner may enjoy a stuffed animal that is earth-friendly such as the Organic Egyptian Cotton Gingham Rabbit Friend that is available from  There are other organic stuffed animals in the shape of rabbits including miYim Organic Plush Fairytale Collection – 9″ Baby Victoria the Bunny, also available on Amazon.  These can make wonderful gifts for a rabbit owner, especially for a young girl or a woman who likes stuffed animals.

Organic Rabbit Food

One practical gift for a rabbit owner who is worried about the environment might be some organic rabbit food that he or she can feed to his or her pet.  This can be good for both the environment and better for the animal.  One such product is Oxbow BeneTerra Organic Rabbit Food.  They sell organic animal food at select pet stores as well as at different sources on the World Wide Web.  The price on this will vary based on how much you get for the owner.  Just make sure that he or she is not particular about the type of rabbit food the pet eats.

Organic cleaner

Rabbits can make a bit of a mess, and if you do not clean their cages and the areas around them, then they and their habitats can start to smell.  It is best if the rabbit owner keeps the rabbit and its habitat clean, and they will need some cleaners to do that.  Therefore, a nice useful gift for an environmentally-friendly rabbit owner might be some organic and natural cleaners.  You can buy cleaners that are made from all natural ingredients that are non-toxic, safe for animals and do not pollute the earth.  There are many brands of these and they are available all over, including grocery stores, general stores such as Target and, of course, on the Internet.  This is a generally inexpensive gift.

A rabbit owner who likes eco-friendly products may enjoy a product that helps both his pet and the earth. Such products include an organic bunny stuffed animal, organic rabbit food and an organic cleaner.  If you would like to get them a little bit of everything, you could combine these products into a gift basket to make a more varied and fun gift.