Facts about Pet Monkeys

Monkeys are born to be free and serve their life in the wild. Being cooped up in a stuffy house, far away from the jungles where their families live is depriving them of the perfect life they could have had. Monkey bites are often occurrences and for every one reported bite there are ten that have been unreported. Monkeys can grow to have possessive tendencies and become violent over toys, food and other things they use every day. If a bite is reported then the monkey is taken away, killed and decapitated to test for rabies. This is cutting off a potentially innocent animals life and is not right, however monkeys as pets is also considered wrong.

When monkeys are separated from their parents they can suffer severe depression and sickness as a result of it. It is sometimes considered illegal to purchase an infant primate. Females who have been caught for this trade can often experience fatalities when forcefully impregnated, as the rate of pregnancy is much higher than monkeys are used to having in the wild. If the state considers it illegal to own a pet monkey then the owners can often be jailed or fined a considerable amount for breaking the law. If owning a pet monkey is allowed then you must own a permit showing that you are allowed to own that monkey.

When owning a monkey you must be very careful with what you feed it and how it socialises with other animals. Monkeys are very intelligent and it has been scientifically proven that they have feelings and emotions just like humans. It requires attention from its owner and must socialise with other monkeys when possible. Loneliness is not normal for a monkey, which, if living in the wild, would travel round in groups of family and friends. Monkeys aren’t meant for human company either but this may be what the animal is reduced too.

Monkeys can also be tremendously messy! At a young age they can be slightly toilet trained however this human development can be lost when they reach the age of maturity. Sometimes even if they know the right thing to do, the adult mischievous side can set in and they can refuse to be toilet trained again. They also can be very destructive creatures liable to destroy or mutilate things around the house. This is caused by the lack of socialising these animals experience in a house.

Pet monkeys can be very troublesome when kept in an unnatural environment so this behaviour is often a sign of neglect, undernourished or mistreated. Pet monkeys can also be a joy to have if they completely trust their owner and don’t have a tendency to destroy things. Some monkeys can be very docile creatures however this cannot be seen when they are younger so, if you are interested in buying a monkey then please consult the legalities of the deal and take a look at the monkey you are purchasing. Monkeys can be an absolute joy but the all-round advice – take care!