Ferret Nutrition what to Feed a Pet Ferret

Ferrets are carnivores. Free of domestication they are hunters. They also posses a very short digestive system. They can not digest complex carbohydrates that are found in vegetables and grains. Simply purchasing some dry dog food or cat food is not a viable option. Some of them may work, but the ingredient list must be completely studied if this is the route chosen.

So what should a great ferret diet consist of? Ferrets require high protein for muscle repair and tissue growth. Dry food should be a minimum of 36 percent meat based protein. They need moderate fat content to provide energy, heat the body and take care of the fur. Dry food should be somewhere between 18 to 40 percent fat. Low carbohydrates is essential to keep the ferret healthy. It should never be above 33 percent and the lower the better.

At a glance these are the things to check for when reading a label. Ideally there should be no vegetables and fruits listed in the first five ingredients. Best case scenario the first two ingredients should be meat based and three of the first five. If the food follows these guidelines then continue on to check the percentages. Even some foods packaged as ferret food may not meet the guidelines that are best for the pet.

It is important to have food available at all times. With such a short digestion tract they need to eat small amounts often. Humans tend to think they should have treats and a lot of variety. Ferrets do not normally crave or require treats and in general don’t do well to drastic diet changes.

Duck soup is a term that is often tossed around when talking about ferrets, especially if they are ill. It’s a good idea to serve this dish to the ferrets on a regular basis, so it will be accepted if they become ill. There are several recipes and varieties. The easiest way to introduce the concept of duck soup is to serve them Gerber Chicken Baby Food – Stage Two. This meets the basic nutritional requirements of the ferrets and if they become ill medicine and other nutrients can be added.

Ferrets can be fed mice and day old chicks. Much like in the wild of they try to eat one that is too big they may choke. It does sharpen their hunting skills and may cause issue with some of the things that have been done to make them more human friendly to handle.

Nutrition is an important part of the equation. If there are any questions the veterinarian is a good source to begin with.