Finding a Boarding Kennel you can Trust

When choosing a kennel to board your pet always visit the kennel first. A good kennel will allow you to take a tour of their site at anytime. During the tour check to see if the boarding area is clean. There may be an odor due to housing numerous animals in an confined area. A healthy kennel is cleaned three times a day and cleaned throughout the day when needed. Look around the exercise area. There should not be any animal waste. The area should be fenced properly. Notice the temperature of the room. The room should be climate controlled,if the room is hot your pet will be hot. After the tour ask questions. Some questions you may want to ask are-

How many times a day will my pet be exercised? Most kennels will exercise the boarders three times a day unless you pay an extra fee for more exercise time.

How many times a day will my pet be fed? Boarders are fed two times a day unless otherwise specified. The kennel will provide the food,but you can bring your own food.

My pet is on medication. Will you give my pet their medication when needed? All medication is given as prescribed. A record is kept by the handler instructing what the medication is, how much is the dose and when the last dose was given.

My pet has a favorite toy. Can I bring their toy? Most kennel owners will allow at least one toy for the boarder to play with. The object of the kennel owner is to provide a comfortable surrounding for the boarder. The less stress the boarder is under the best it is for the boarder. Most kennels provide toys for the boarders to play with.

If my pet gets sick while staying here,what is your policy for treating my pet? Before you bring your pet in to board you will be asked to provide a current shot record including bordella vaccination and any medical conditions. The more the kennel owners knows about your pets health, the better they can address any issue that is necessary to keep your pet healthy and safe. You will be asked to provide the veterinarian’s name,address and telephone number. If you do not provide that information the kennel owner has a veterinarian they use when needed. You will be charged for the veterinarian’s service. You will be asked to provide a point of contact in case of any questions that need to be asked or any emergency during the stay of your pet.

What is your policy if someone brings in a sick pet to board? A good kennel will refuse any pet that may be a health hazard to the other boarders,unless a veterinarian has otherwise verified.

What is your drop off and pick up schedule. Most kennels receive and release boarders at designated times. The reason is certain times of the day they are taking care of the boarders already there. Some kennels require restrictions on who may pick up the boarder. This is because some pets are part of legal problems.

Ask as many questions as you think are necessary to satisfy your concerns. Your kennel provider will be more than happy to answer each and every question you may have.

When you bring your pet into the kennel to be boarded the handler will do an inspection of your pet. This inspection is to look for fleas,ticks and behavioral problems. The necessary treatment will be given before the boarder enters the boarder population. You will be charged for the treatment. If there are behavioral problems, you will be consulted. The kennel owner always has the option to refuse any possible boarder that may be a danger to its boarders and employees.

At the end of your pet’s stay he/she will be happy to see you not happy to get out of the building. Also if you have chosen correctly your pet will be happy to return.

If you are still unsure about where to board your pet, consult your veterinarian. Most veterinarians own and operate their own kennels.