Fish Facts Wolffish

The Wolffish, which is also known as the Sea-wolf, is a marine fish which is most commonly found on the east and west coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. These large sea creatures are becoming a creature of concern as their numbers are progressively decreasing due to over-fishing. The fearsome looking fish is a complex creature, with a vast array of interesting facts related to its appearance and way of life.

Fact: Wolffish are fearsome looking creatures, but their temperament is anything but fierce.

The Wolffish can grow to be roughly 5 feet in length, and weigh up to 40 pounds. Its body is long, smooth, and slippery, with scales embedded it the skin. They can vary in colour from a purplish brown colour to green, to blueish grey. Its dorsal fin stretches all the way down its back, and its pectoral are large and round in shape. The physical feature of the Wolffish that stands out most is its teeth. Their upper and lower jaw are armed with four to six fangs, with three rows of strong, crushing teeth behind these fangs on the upper jaw, and two rows behind the lower jaw. In addition, its throat is also scattered with teeth. However, despite this more than scary appearance, these sea creatures are not a threat to humans, and only lash out when defending themselves, and not as a deliberate attack, proving the age old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a fish by its fangs!

Fact: The Wolffish has one characteristic which makes it stand out in the undersea world.

A Wolffish produces its own natural antifreeze which keeps their blood moving rapidly. This allows them to not only survive, but live comfortably in their very cold habitat. This is an ability that few creatures in the marine world possess, and is one of the things which makes the Wolffish an interesting and unique marine creature.

Fact: Wolffish live off a diet consisting mainly of shelled underwater life.

Wolffish do not eat other fish. Instead their diet consists of hard-shell species such as clams, large hermit crabs, sea urchins, and other crabs. Their teeth, which are extensive and lined across very strong jaws, allow them to be able to break and eat these hard creatures. In fact, they are largely part of keeping the population of sea urchins and green crabs, both of which escalate quickly and can harm the health of marine system, under control.

Fact: Wolffish can be found mostly on the east and west coast of the Atlantic, with many residing in coastline provinces of Canada.

Wolffish are residents of the Atlantic Ocean, going as far north as the Davis Straight in Nunavut, Canada, into the shores of Nova Scotia, and even as far down as Cape Cod. Although that is as far down as they usually live, there have been sightings of them in other places including New Jersey.

Fact: Wolffish are mainly stationary, seldom travelling very far.

These cold water fish live on the oceans floor, at water depths of 75 feet to as low as 125 feet, in temperatures as low as 30 degrees farenheit. They mostly hide out in nooks and cranny’s on the floor of the ocean, and in small caves. They usually stay within these small areas, seldom venturing far from them.

The Wolffish is a frightening species of marine life, with a natural temperament which does not match its appearance whatsoever. They are, like all creatures of the sea, complex and interesting, with a ton of intriguing facts to be learned about them.