Fish Species Pufferfish

An interesting fact about Puffer fish is that they can inflate their body to twice the normal size. Most species also have spikes on their bodies to deter predators. The skin of the fish is thick and leathery, the spikes are only visible when they react to an enemy by puffing up their body. The puffer fish can use air or water to enable it to form the familiar balloon-like appearance. There are over 100 species of this type of fish, which are usually small ranging from 3 – 20 inches, but have been known to grow up to 3 feet in length.

– Unusual Teeth –

The teeth of the fish are fused together, kind of like the beak of a bird. Their teeth may get overgrown, and that can be become a serious problem when the fish has difficulty eating. In order to keep their teeth at a proper length they eat hard shelled foods, such as, clams, sea urchins, crabs, clams, and other crustaceans. These vertebrate are highly poisonous, and second in the world of poisonous creatures, with the Golden Frog being the first.

– The Poison –

Puffer fish have a mixture of pectoral, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins, which make them able to move very well, but they are still a slow moving creature. Some species of this fish can change color to suit the environment they are in, similar to a chameleon. The neurotoxin in the puffer fish makes it poisonous to humans, it is thought that its poison is 1,200 stronger than cyanide. However, not all species are poisonous, and some fish aren’t affected by the poison, but it is deadly to humans. Tetrodotoxin is the name of the poison, it is produced within the body through bacteria in food. The poison is so strong that it has been determined that one fish contains enough poison to kill 30 adult men.

– Other Names for the Pufferfish –

Blow fish, Glow fish, and Balloon fish are some of the names also used for the puffer fish. These fish are a delicacy, especially in Japan, but careful preperation needs to be taken when using these fish for consumption, as if not cooked properly the person who ate it can become seriously ill, or even die.

– Location of the Pufferfish –

The puffer fish is found in many different places, all over the world, but there is a high population Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Certain species of this fish have also been found in streams and rivers. Puffer fish can be kept as pets, but someone with experience in dealing with such fish is the most appropriate owner. These fish can be very stressed if they are constantly having to go into the blown up shape that is formed due to defensive mechanisms.