Five Unusual Pets that are Great with Children

Pets and kids can be tricky. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic than a cat, dog or goldfish, here are some suggestions to consider. Potbellied pigs, ant farms, iguanas, chinchillas and sugar gliders.

Having a potbellied pig requires the same amount of care as dogs and cats but you are sure to have the coolest pet on the block. Potbellied pigs work well with children and respond to training as your typical pet would. These wonderful animals have a bad reputation as dirty, gross, and mean but potbellied pigs should not be confused with farm animals. Potbellied pigs require a long-term commitment as they can live past twelve years old. Although these piglets start out as cute and little, they can grow up to 150 pounds so you may consider raising your new snouted friends outdoors. Potbellied pigs like to run on a regimented schedule so they should be fed and walked (they can be walked on leashes!) at the same time each day which is a perfect way to teach kids responsibility.

Ant farms may seem like an awful idea but they happen to be incredibly sanitary and easy to care for. Ant farms are easy to purchase, you can get them at local stores or online. You can even collect ants in your backyard with your kids and make your own ant farm. They don’t require any maintenance and they won’t get loose! Ants are very busy workers and they will keep children fascinated and entertained.

Iguanas have recently become popular as pets and therefore are readily available in many pet stores and for reasonable prices. You need to take careful consideration before owning a reptile because dieting and housing for your pet can be complicated but it is absolutely worth it for an iguana. Having an iguana takes patience, and stability. If you and your family have a lot of love and attention to give, an iguana might be the right choice for you.

Chinchillas are beautiful, cuddly, low maintenance animals. Chinchillas have a life span of 12-20 years which is long for a rodent and will ensure years of fun for your children. With a little food encouragement, chinchillas can be trained with ease. If you spend a lot of time with your fuzzy friend, it will be happy to jump into your hands or on your shoulder to be pet. Chinchillas are tame and love to bond with their owners. They can be playful and active but they enjoy down time and snuggling which can help teach your children to be children.

Sugar gliders are small and easy to care for. This is another animal that will get you noticed due to its exotic nature. These adorable creatures live for about 15 years and are sure to bring joy to your family. Sugar gliders are very intelligent animals that require little training. Like other animals mentioned, if you have love and attention to offer, this pet could be the perfect companion for you and your family.