Foster Care for Strays – Homes

I rescued a sweet little Pomeranian who was in an awful situation. This poor little dog didn’t have much of a chance in this life until my partner and I traveled from CT to NH to rescue him. If this little guy had been sent to a shelter I believe he would not have been able to survive there. However, he found his way into our home and our hearts.

That be told, I would like to see each and every stray animal who needs to go up for adoption be fostered prior to adopting in order for them to experience a loving, caring home. The ability to live in a normal setting gives that animal a chance at being placed in a permanent home. The animal, should it have any sort of medical problem, issues with sociability or behavioral problems can be assessed in the foster home. I understand that not all stray animals would fit in the category of adoption.

I don’t believe that an animal can truly be adoptable after being caged for a long period of time. Yes, the staff is able to address health and behavior issues if it has been “sheltered”. It’s not until an animal is within a”normal” household setting is it possible to assess how it would behave in a household.

I do know there are “no kill” shelters that abound. However, these animals (usually dogs) may have to spend a lot of precious time being confined in a pen, not allowed to have outdoor time or won’t be socialized with other dogs. So these poor animals are “condemned” to a life of only having their very basic needs met.

This doesn’t seem to be the way to go as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure that people who are employed at stray shelters are truly believing that they are helping these animals. However, I believe that they would be much better served by being fostered in a loving, caring and safe environment. I also know this is not always available.

In the area where I live there are no rescue fostering programs and unfortunately, those that do end up in a shelter or dog pound do not survive but are “humanly euthanized.” I do believe there are many animals that could prosper if only people begin to realize that these poor creatures bring love and joy into a foster home and that they would be given a chance not to stay in any shelter.

I’m not saying that it’s inhumane to bring a stray animal to a shelter, especially if it is injured or even worse, abused. But I believe that once the animal’s medical issues have been addressed and treated they should go to foster care to continue their rehabilitation. These animals will receive excellent care and for many it may be the very first time they have been treated with love and kindness and begin to learn how to begin to trust humans.

So shelters do a reasonably do a good job at taking care of animals, however, there’s nothing like a real home.