Gift Ideas for Pet Ferrets

Ferrets are very fun little animals.  They enjoy new toys probably more so than most other pets.  Pet stores are typically stocked full of all sorts of play things for your furry friends, but not all toys are made equal.  By doing a little searching you can find something to please your ferret without causing your pet problems.

Ferret Safe

First, you must make sure that any new toys are suitable for your pet ferret.  Ferrets have sharp teeth and really enjoy gnawing at their toys.  Some toys are not made to withstand this abuse and will come apart in your pet’s mouth, possibly resulting in your ferret swallowing something he shouldn’t.  This results in some mild discomfort at its best to a deadly blockage at the worst.  If you are in doubt about the durability of a toy, do not get it for your ferret.


While ferrets may not like these, it is hard to resist the appeal of a ferret in a Santa costume.  There is actually a surprising amount of costumes and clothing available for ferrets, and they are made for nearly every occasion.  So if you want your pet to exude some Christmas spirit or show some American pride, there is most likely an outfit available for the cause.  Pay attention to the size, as not all ferrets are made equally and some that are a little chunky may have difficulty squeezing into the clothing you find.

Noisy Toys

Ferrets really love anything they can make noise with.  Little balls with bells in them seem to provide endless delight, as do many varieties of small stuffed animals.  Anything a ferret can carry around in their mouth is going to be played with, but if it makes noise it is even more likely to entertain them.  Just make sure that you are able to tolerate the noise the toy makes, as your ferret may try to test your patience.

Homemade Items

There is no need to go to the store to get your pet something they will like.  Old Kleenex boxes (after the plastic is removed), toilet paper rolls, and anything else that a ferret will not be able to easily tear apart will make a great gift.  Ferrets are curious animals and delight in having new things to play with.

These are some things to keep in mind when looking for a gift for your furry friends.  Ferrets are easy to please, and you will be amazed at how much joy they get from such simple playthings.