Grocery Guru: Hunting down healthier bread

Last week, the Grocery Guru gave us tips on choosing healthier peanut butter (who would have thought it might just be the full-fat stuff?). This week, we need something to spread all that creamy goodness on.

Join Cynthia Sass in the bread aisle for these quick video tips on finding bread that’s better for us and why we need to seek out whole grains:

I am committed to buying whole grain bread for my family, and I’m also hard core about making sure it doesn’t contain big glugs of high fructose corn syrup. Every time I go to the grocery, I’m shocked at how many “healthy” brands make bread that’s packed full of high fructose corn syrup! When you’re following The Grocery Guru’s good advice on finding healthier bread, see if the label lists anything you don’t want in there before you decide on the loaf to buy.

Now you play guru: What advice do you have on buying healthy bread?