Helping Animals Find Homes and Helping Support Local Shelters

Helping your local animal shelters doesn’t start in the shelter.  It starts first with your love for animals and heart to want to help animals.  That is the first step towards helping the animals in the shelter.

I have volunteered many times in local shelters and just helping with all sorts of things.  I have washed the animals, cleaned the kennels, helped with on location events.  The most important part is showing the animals love during the temporary stay at the shelter.  Letting them know your heart is for them and helping finding their forever homes.

Familiarizing and connecting with the animals helps make the connections with the families to be.  I work in an office in corporate America to support myself.  I do volunteer work as a passion.  People who display and have energy behind their passion become known just for that.  I display it in my cubicle with pictures.  I forward emails weekly of animals new to the shelter and those in turn are forwarded reaching a huge audience. 

For example, I have loved and shared the love of my animals.  I connect with people through stories of my dogs and then they share theirs.  After ten years at the same company and many different departments, I find myself receiving emails from my past co-workers saying they are looking for a new dog.  I advocate shelter dogs and let them know after collecting what they are looking for the animals available.  I am now the pet matchmaker at work.  I love that people come to me and I can help the animals be connected to wonderful homes.

I have also recently been receiving emails with the down economy about people having to adopt their own pets out.  They are losing their jobs and networking these emails to help find dogs homes so they will not end up in shelters.  People connecting with people will help with the overcrowding at shelters. 

Helping shelters is really just helping the animals…advocate for them.  Build them up and share the wonderful joys of animal companionship. If you show how much an animal means to you it can shed new light on someone who might not have had the experience you can share.  Animals can offer a bond like no other.

A final note is to advocate spay and neutering.  There are so many animals without homes and I know the little puppies are so cute.  But with large over breeding that leads to more animals without homes.  Everyone unite for the love of animals.