Helping the one Person Rescue Organization

The one-person rescue organization is, unfortunately, the most common sort of rescue organization in the United States. These folks spend a great deal of their own time, money, and other resources trying to help out animals in need. At times, the scope of their task is overwhelming, and it would be easy to sink a personal fortune into running a one-person rescue organization.

One-person rescue organizations need your help. What are some of the ways you can lend a hand to the one-person rescue? Here are several ideas to get you started:

* Donate. Rescue organizations need a variety of equipment to do their work. Consider donating a pet bed, towels, pet toys, a collar, a leash, a food dish, a baby gate, grooming supplies, pet treats, office supplies, office equipment a gift certificate to a local pet store, or even good old cash. It is best to contact the rescue person first to see what items, specifically, they could use the most.

* Foster or Adopt. One of the best things you can do to help a one-person rescue organization is to foster an animal. By fostering an animal, you relieve a significant burden on the one-person rescue organization. With fostering, you don’t have to commit to a long term arrangement. Sometimes, just a couple of weeks is all that the rescue person needs to find a good family for that dog. If you’re in the market for a new pet, consider adopting from a one-person rescue organization rather than a larger one.

* Work. There are a number of simple tasks you can do to help the one-person rescue organization. You can offer to walk a dog. You can offer to groom an animal. You can make some phone calls. You can help with mailing campaigns. You can drive an animal to a veterinarian appointment. You can help the rescue person to get multiple pets to the vet. You can put a link on your website to the rescue organization, and promote it on your website. You can conduct a home visit or help the rescue person with a home visit. You can provide a listening ear when the rescue person feels overwhelmed.

*Use Your Unique Talents. What is your special gift? Are you a whiz with Photoshop? Offer to take pictures of rescued animals for flyers or for a website. Are you a journalist? See if you can’t get your paper to do a feature on the one-person rescue organization. Do you have talent with organization? Set up a fund-raising event. The possibilities here are limited only by your imagination. Everyone has some talent or another that could be effectively used to help the one-person rescue organization.