Home Safety Tips for Ferret Owners

Having a ferret as a pet means you need to rearrange your living arrangements. This is because ferrets need a wide space to play around and since they have poor sight they can easily bump into something and really hurt themselves. You need to take proper care of a ferret because of their curious nature as well and they will try to get into many things they are not supposed to.

Do not let them outdoors –

If you let them outside they are quick little guys and will surely ran off somewhere they are not meant to go. Please make sure not to have a doggy door or anything like that since they will go outside and venture off. The thing about this is that they cannot defend themselves at all and they will not survive week outside if you are looking for them, even sooner maybe. Keep the house outdoor proof so they cannot sneak through any doors or windows and other openings. This is very important in maintaining a ferret as a pet.

Proof all your cabinets and other shelves –

Be cause of their curious and light nature, ferrets can easily go though a kitchen cabinet just like a small child. Keep them away since this is where toxics are stored and are highly poisonous to them. Use child safeguard locks on the cabinet doors so they will not open so easily for them. Do this as well with any other cabinets in the bathroom and other places that you store hazardous items.

Keep some household items to a minimum –

Ferrets are so inquisitive, they will jump up to anything that looks interesting. You can counter this by making sure you do not have any burning candles, a type of incense, or even a moving fan in their wake. It may seem like hard work to take away these things but it pays off in the end, no sick or injured ferret will be around your watch. It can be simple to uphold this rule, when they are back in their cage you can put the items out once again.

House proofing for a ferret is much like a child, since everything piques their interest, they have a great deal of looking and exploring new things, keep this in mind if you ever want a ferret as a pet. Trust the many ferret owners who find this worthwhile.