Homemade Ferret Treat Recipes

Making homemade ferret treats is somewhat different than making treats for other animals. What you and I may consider as a “treat” may not appeal to a ferret. Why? Because ferrets love animal protein and most anything meaty is a treat to a ferret. So push aside those thoughts of creating your ferret a hot fudge sundae and pull out the meat products.


The best treats for ferrets are simple pieces of cooked liver or boneless chicken or fish. But to liven up these simple treats, you only need to head to the baby food aisle of your local grocery store. There you will find a variety of meaty baby foods like veal or turkey which can be poured over a piece of chicken to create a yummy “Chicken and Gravy” treat. You can top the treat with a raisin or pea to give your personally made treat a special touch.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are okay to feed ferrets however; they should be chopped into bite-sized pieces and fed in very small amounts. Foods that are high in sugar are not good for a ferret’s teeth. Safe fruits and veggies include green peppers, cucumbers (no skin), tomatoes, grapes, apples, kiwi, cantaloupe, blueberries, and watermelon. You can also offer your ferret dried fruits like dried pineapple and apricots but a particular favorite are raisins. Some ferrets are going to be pickier than others but it won’t take long for owners to discover what their ferret prefers.

Omelet Recipe

Owners who want to cook a treat for their ferret can make a “ferret omelet”. In a bowl, mix one egg, some fruity baby food (like banana), and a few raisins. Cook as you would any omelet and serve. This can be topped with a meat-flavored baby food. Of course, you can add your ferret’s favorite fruit or veggie to the omelet to create a treat made especially for your pet.

Treat Safety

There are also the “odd” types of treats – those little foods that you hand your ferret without giving a second thought. Before feeding your ferret any treats, always know what is safe and unsafe for them to eat. Carbohydrates and fiber are not digested well by ferrets. While one Cheerio is not going to harm your ferret, too many can be harmful so it’s best to stick with foods that you know are safe.


Making treats is a great way to add supplements to your ferret’s diet. Look for a quality supplement that will provide necessary vitamins and fatty acids. Always use supplements to the bottle directions and never leave supplements in reach of ferrets. Some of these supplements are a treat in themselves for ferrets and there have been reports of ferrets stealing the bottles and overdosing.

Remember that ferrets have specific dietary needs that should be followed. Offering small treats to your ferret on occasion is safe but should not be used as a substitute for a proper diet. Just like with all pets and even humans – all good things should be eaten in moderation.