How Seal Sanctuaries help Seals

Without the help of seal sanctuaries around the world, there would be thousands of unnecessary seal deaths.  These deaths are prevented because of seal sanctuaries like the one in Gweek and in Oban.  These seal sanctuaries rescue injured seals and seal pups that would never stand a chance of making it on their own.  Seals are endangered and need to be helped to thrive in the UK and around the world.  With the help of seal sanctuaries seals have a good chance of making it

What Happens to Rescued Seals

Seals will be cared for and healed from their afflictions.  Many are later released back into the wild once they are well enough to return.  Some will become permanent fixtures in the sanctuaries because they could never survive on their own in the wild.  The seals that remain are used to educate the public.  Seals are very intelligent creatures that love to work alongside people.  They are wild creatures however and do need to be respected.  They will bite if they are having a bad day.

Seals around the World

There are 23 different species of seals that are found all around the world.  Many people think of seals and the arctic.  Granted there are many species that make their homes in cold climates, but there are even seals in Hawaii where the weather is always mild.  In the UK grey seals and harbor seals are common.  There are times when other species will stop in for a visit.  They do not stay long and will move on to their homelands.

Seals Facing Extinction

There are four species of seals that are in imminent danger of going extinct.  That means they will no longer be around for people to enjoy.  The cause for some is the disappearance of territory.  The ice is beginning to melt at an alarming rate.  Many seals live on the ice and even create ice dens for their offspring.  With the disappearance of the ice, comes the disappearance of seal species.  This is something that no one is capable of preventing at present.  Seals need your help to survive.

Many Seals Are Hunted

There are a few countries that still allow the hunting of seals to take place.  This can have a terrible effect on the seal population.  In Canada seals are hunted every year for their meat and coats.  Hundreds of thousands of seals will lose their lives in these hunts.  Should culling of seals be allowed?  It is believed that with the high number of seals that are killed every year, the population could decrease by two thirds.  This could really damage the population of seals.

What You Can Do

You can help seals all over the world by visiting seal sanctuaries.  These sanctuaries will charge nominal fees and that money is used to save seals.  Sanctuaries can also explain to you what you can do to stop the culling of seals around the world.  Your voice can make a difference.  Support you seal sanctuary and you will be supporting seals across the globe.

To help support the threats against seals, visit the Hunstanton Seal Sanctuary.