How to Care for a Jersey Wooly Rabbit

A small breed of rabbits, Jersey Wooly is a sweet tempered rabbits. The small size of the jersey woolies make them ideal for all types and ages of rabbit lovers. Like all other pets, jersey woolies also need special care and maintenance.

The average weight of this dwarf sized rabbit is 3 pounds. The small ears and eyes of a jersey wooly are supported on a compact body shape. They have a pug nosed look which is due to the fluffy wool on their heads. Their coats are long with a thick layer of guard hair and under wool. The jersey woolies are found in shaded and tan patterns.

Here we will help you with the tips on caring for a jersey wooly rabbit the right way:

The thick guard hair helps with keeping the mane mat free mostly and jersey woolies are thought to have a relatively easy to care coat but of course the coat requires care and maintenance. And what more they need more grooming than the other domestic rabbits. You should have a slick brush, comb and regular brush for brushing a jersey wooly. The younger jersey woolies need brushing twice a week since they shed more as their baby fur is coming off while the adult jersey wooly requires brushing one a week. Be very careful when brushing the jersey wooly as they are delicate and petite and harsh brushing can cause the coming of the skin. 

You must conduct regular checkups of your jersey wooly. The teeth should be checked for cavities and ears, eyes and bottom for any irritation or scratches. The nails of the jersey wooly should be trimmed after every 7 days. Jersey wooly rabbits are prone to malocclusion which will cause overgrown teeth. You must take your pet to the vet as if it suffers from malocclusion; the vet will trim its teeth and make them even and regular.

Keeps the cage clean by litter training your jersey wooly? Rabbits tend to relieve themselves at one certain place, put the litter box there. It is very easy to litter train a rabbit.

Feed your jersey wooly quality polluted food only with hay and orchid grass. Because jersey wooly is small in size it is less prone to get wool block but you can add papaya enzymes and lax atone to their different to make sure you’re jersey wooly does not suffer from it.