How to Care for a Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbits require a hutch; it is available ready made as well as it can be made at home. Lionhead rabbits require plenty of space to move around and exercise. You can keep a pair of lionhead bunnies in a hutch provided they get along well. Make sure you provide them with protection against extreme weathers.

You can feed Lionhead bunnies oatmeal with hay and rabbit food. Hay will keep their weight in control while oatmeal will help release any built up stress as well as any stomach disorders will be corrected.  If you bunny is any younger than four months old, it should be fed only hay and pellet food.  A bunny that is more than four months old can however be fed apple, raisins and grass as well as lettuce, dandelions. Make sure you do not overfeed a Lionhead bunny fruits and raisins as it can lead to cavities.

Water can be fed through a bottle or a dish. It is good to feed water through a bottle as it will keep the bunnies from falling over in the water dish which can lead to a death too.

For the maintenance of a Lionhead rabbit you will require a brush and comb. The undercoat requires brushing with a slicker brush. Be gentle with brushing otherwise you may damage their skin by too hard brushing. Brush more often as the Lionhead bunny grows. The wool that is shed needs to be combed off or the rabbit will ingest it which will result in lack of wool block. At the time of shedding provide them with hay to eat so that wool block can be prevented. Some Lionhead rabbits may require more brushing as it mainly depends upon the wool they have and how often they shed it.

For litterbox training first observe your bunny as it will choose one place for littering. Place a litterbox there or wood shavings so that it associates littering with the litter box. The Lionhead bunny will get the idea and learn to litter at the litter box only. Cedar bedding should be avoided as it leads to respiratory diseases.

Build a play yard for this inquisitive breed of rabbits. It will be happy when provided with towel rollers and boxes. Bunny toys are available at the pet stores and you can get your Lionhead bunny some toys too. However it would love to dig in a box full of paper shreds.