How to Choose a Boarding Kennel for your Dog

It is that time of year again: vacation. Time to get out and away from everything for awhile and have some fun. The only problem is deciding what boarding kennel will be best for the family dog(s). With so many kennels out there, it can seem impossible to know which one is right for the four-legged family member.

*Sanitary. When you visit each kennel you are considering, do a complete walk through of the grounds, inside and outside. Look for signs of rodents, insects and general cleanliness. Observe the condition of the other dogs that are already being boarded there. Notice if the runs and play areas are clean and free of debris and trash.

*Well equipped. This means that there is adequate sleeping, feeding, and exercise areas. Notice the condition of these areas, are they clean and well stocked? Make sure the kennel is well heated/cooled for comfort of the dogs. 

*Friendly Staff. Ask the kennel staff questions about the schedules they have for feeding, bathing, exercise and any other questions you may have. It is important to know that the kennel staff is knowledgeable and actually cares about the dogs being housed in their facility. Make sure the staff knows what to do in the case of an emergency like your pet getting sick. It is a mistake to assume that since a person works a kennel, they will know exactly what to do in different scenarios.

*Good Reputation. When you have narrowed down your list of boarding kennels, start asking other pet parents about the kennels you are considering. It can be of great help to find out which kennels are recommended and which ones have negative feedback. Word of mouth is a great way to help weed out the less desirable kennels.

*Vet Recommended. Your veterinarian can be the best place to start when researching boarding kennels. They can give you recommendations based on the breed, temperament and needs of your dog(s). If your veterinarian gives their stamp of approval to a boarding kennel, you can be sure it will be a good place to trust with your dog.

It goes without saying that people want their dog well cared for while in a boarding kennel. The problem is knowing which one will do just just that. It is important to check out each kennel, in person, before making a decision. You cannot make an informed decision based on phone book ads or fliers posted at the local grocery market. Do not make a snap decision that you and your dog may regret later.