How to Deal with a Stray Cat

That poor little stray cat has been hanging around your garden for some time. However, If you value your skin, it is wise to discover, before attempting to handle it, whether the cat is tame. It could be feral or, if you live in a country where there are wild cats, it could be wild. Certainly European wild cats look very like a domestic tabby cat. The cat’s reaction to you and your voice should tell you if it is a domestic cat.

Some areas have colonies of feral cats. These are essentially domesticated cats, they may be someone’s runaway or abandoned pet, or the descendants of domesticated cats, who have been born in the wild. Adult feral or wild cats can rarely be tamed; it may be possible to adopt and tame a young kitten, search on the internet for information. Inform your local animal humane society if there is a colony of feral cats in your area, many have a neutering policy, and will humanely trap and neuter feral cats to prevent them breeding thus ensuring the colony does not grow.

Try to discover whether the cat has an owner, it may just have wanderlust. Some cats do like to take expeditions and some, especially in urban areas have several owners. People think they own cats, cats have always known that they own humans. In a rural area, a cat’s territory is much larger than in an urban area, so the cat’s owner may live quite some way from you. Also be aware that some wicked people abandon cats and kittens in the countryside.

Keep an eye out for ‘lost cat’ posters, it also might be worth posting a few ‘cat found’ posters yourself, around in the neighbourhood. In some countries, cats are tattooed or chipped in which case the local vet maybe able to help you to contact the owner. Keep a diary of the efforts you have taken to locate an owner. 

The next thing to decide is whether you want to keep the cat or you can find a loving home amongst your own family or friends, or whether you need to inform your local animal re-homing centre. Think carefully, before deciding to keep the cat, whether you can provide proper care, accommodation, food and veterinary care for the cat’s life. In addition, you should realise that sad, sorry-looking bedraggled furry bundle could end up ruling your household, your life, and your bed. the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as Gods and cats have never forgotten.