How to Earn the Trust of a Pet Rat

Most rats love people. Some might be shy at first, but most of them tend to come around quickly. Earning their trust is a good part of that, but not all of it. After all, their disposition is often a creation of their genetics as well. Each rat has its own individual personality complete with likes and dislikes and you really have to get to know him or her to know these things. However, you can earn their trust with a few simple steps.

Hold Them.
They need to get used to you and other humans to do this, hold them whenever you can. Make sure you spend a lot of time holding them. You can have them join you in a wide variety of inside and even outside activities. They often love going places and love knowing that you are there with them. You want to be gentle and loving each time that you spend with them. Pet them and talk softly, especially at first. They are smart and will learn the word “no” as well as their name and key words you use to teach them things. But at first it is about getting them comfortable.

Other people can hold them as well. The more the better. However, make sure that they are treated kindly and gently. Remember that younger children may have a hard time doing this so you will want to keep a close eye on them while they are being played with.

Feed Them.
Yep, rats love food. You should know that from Ratitouille. While most aren’t picky and will enjoy almost anything you give them, try and stick with healthy treats, especially at first. This can include rat treats, trail mix, fruits, and veggies. These are not only good for them, but also something they enjoy.

Make Time for Them.
While holding them and giving them treats is good, it is important that they get lots of your time. You should spend at least an hour with them a day, but more is lots better. The more time you spend with them the more excited they will be to spend time with you.

Earning your rats trust starts as soon as you get them and should start fairly early in the game. It is something that should be done carefully, but with lots of time and lots of love. Most rats are social by nature and will love you very quickly, usually with in a day or two.