How to help Wildlife during the Winter Season

Winter can be an extremely trying time for a variety of wildlife. Their food supply can become really scarce and become completely covered in snow and ice. There is always a way to help them out. Feeding birds can help supply them with a good amount of food during the winter season. Birds love bird seed and even table scrap. One you feed them, you can be guaranteed that they will return for more. You can place the food on the ground out in the open. By providing shelter and water a variety of wildlife will be visiting you. You can set all this up right in your own yard. Large bird houses can provide shelter for owls and birds. Compost can provide resting places for snakes and woodpiles can provide a place for frogs.

Foxes and rabbits can be fed in more rural areas. Squirrels can visit your yard too. Food, shelter and water are the three main things that wildlife need to survive the winter season and by providing them these things you will be making the harsh winter season a lot easier on them. When taking walks or visiting the park, you can take extra food for feeding the animals. You can make a bird table and scatter peanuts, bird seed, fruits and berries. Lizards like logs and stones to hibernate during the winter. Some great winter plants that will attract birds are mulberry, holly and birch. Cheese and pork rinds are excellent for ground feeding birds.

You can leave a few winter vegetables in the garden for rabbits to much on. They will certainly appreciate the extra food during the harsh winter months. These are just a few easy ways that you can help wildlife survive the cold. You can surely make a lot of new friends because once they find the food they will definitely return. This will also be a great task for children and a very educational one as well. You can build or purchase the birdhouses. Their designs and positioning will play a very important role on which species of birds that they will attract. Wildlife can really be fun and exciting to observe. An open fronted box with a blanket inside is great for keeping a cat warm. This box may attract a few birds as well. You can keep dogs warm too by placing a blanket in their dog house. Animals like to keep warm and be well fed in the winter.