How to Raise new Zealand White Rabbits

New Zealand White rabbits make wonderful pets. You can start out with a couple (male and female) and end up with a whole colony in a matter of 12 months.

The New Zealand White is an all-white rabbit with stark pink eyes and light pink ears. They are the “true Easter bunny”. Some things you need to consider if you get a baby pair is that they will have no experience breeding (or anything else for that matter) and neither will you!

Should you choose a girl or boy?

Male New Zealand white rabbits are gentle and laid back. They will let you hold them and will even lay on their backs and let you pet their bellies and act like they are falling asleep.

The female ones are more intense and are difficult to handle. You must always be on guard about getting scratched. It’s a good idea to wear long sleeves around a female.

Where will they stay?

It is important to build them separate cages to live in. If you choose to allow them to mate when they get older, the mommy bunny will also need a nesting box in her cage so that she will have a place to have her babies.

Nursing newborn white rabbits

When she has her first litter (which will probably be only one or two), it will be important to watch her and make sure she has help and is nursing her babies. If she does not, it will be important for you to do so by hand.

At some point, if you have been breeding your bunnies, you may have so many bunnies that individual cages may be overwhelming. At this time you have some options.

One is to sell some. This way you can make some money. Another would be to allow the bunnies to roam together. A word of caution on this; you can let the females run together in a pen or some type of enclosure but don’t put the males in with them.

Handling the white male rabbits

The males cannot be in the females’ pen for two reasons. First, they would be impregnating the females and you would have a bunny explosion! Second, the male bunnies will fight fiercely. They will fight to the death sometimes.

You must keep the boy bunnies in separate cages all the time!

Health and hygiene

One final note. You have to be very careful that the bunnies are kept in a dry place and that you watch for any type of sickness. Look at all of your bunnies every day. If one bunny gets sick, they can all get sick very quickly and it can wipe out the whole colony of bunnies.

If you enjoyed reading about bunnies and specifically the New Zealand White, imagine how fun nurturing and raising white rabbits would be! They are wonderful bunnies to have.