How to Tame an Animal

Taming a pet, is normally a long process, which involves slowly gaining the trust of your pet. An important thing to remember is that every animal is different and so the process of them gaining your trust will be varied depending on the animal you own. For example earning the trust of a puppy will take a couple of months.

The first couple of days with a new pet are the most important as first impressions are vital. Remember to be loving and enthusiastic, but also be slightly firm if the pet is doing something wrong to install a sense of discipline into the animal. Being enthusiastic and loving but also firm is the quickest, and most proven way to tame a pet. As well as that the new animal will be fond of you, but they will also respect you. Also installing discipline at an early age is a lot easier and hassle free then trying to do it when the animal has grown older. 

Another important aspect of taming your pet is making their surroundings nice. Make their surroundings safe and friendly and ensure that their is no potential danger. Also designate a specific area of a room or your house to them and make it comfortable and safe. As well as this when interacting with your new pet try to be as playful as possible without scaring or harming the animal. In the unlikely case that you do harm or scare the animal it will take a lot longer for the animal to trust you, as your pet will temporarily see you as a threat, and so you’ll have to start gaining your pet’s trust all over again, but this time at a slower pace. 

Once your pet has started to trust you, you can start to handle it. As long as you don’t cause the animal distress or harm handling your pet will speed up the process of your pet trusting you. 

You also have to let your pet get familiarized with it’s surroundings, and if your training a dog or any other animal which doesn’t live in a cage, you will want to house train it. If you do this at a young age it will do it for the rest of their lives. The key to house training an animal is repetition and sometimes being firm. For example if you want it to use a litter box then every time it urinates take it to the litter box, at first do not be firm with it just calmly take it to the litter box. However if it continues to do so start being firm with it, so that they can know they’re doing wrong. Use this method with any other type of house training.

Once you have followed all these steps correctly, your pet should now be tamed and should now trust you, and you may even want to teach it some tricks. Also remember to be patient with your pet!

Thanks for reading “How to tame a pet”. I hope you found it useful.