How to tell if a Cat is Feral

It is not difficult to tell if a cat is feral. If you are lucky enough to catch sight of a feral cat then you are fortunate indeed. Feral cats do not take kindly to people. If the cat is a stray it may be a little cautious but not as elusive as a feral cat. A stray cat has had contact with humans which make him a little more forward. Here are some ways on how to tell if a cat is feral.

Feral cats

Most feral cats have never had a close contact with humans. They hunt for their food and stay quite independent during their lives. They usually live in groups which helps them protect themselves in numbers. Not all feral cats look unkempt and raggedy. Some take very good care of themselves so you cannot always tell by sight.

A feral cat will avoid you at all cost. You may put food out to feed him but at the first sign of movement he will disappear in a flash. These are the wildest of cats and are very difficult to catch or even get near. The only way feral cats end up getting caught is in an animal control cage. Even then they will fight tooth and claw to get free.

Stray cats

Stray cats behave a little different as they had interaction with humans at some point in their lives. These cats are the most likely to see matted and raggedy as they once depended on humans to take care of them. Once set free on their own they find it a little more difficult to do the things that were once done for them by humans such as feed themselves or do their own grooming on a daily bases.

Stray cats will be much easier to get close to. If you place food out for a stray cat it is quite possible that you may even be able to step up beside him and pet him for awhile. A feral cat would not tolerate such actions. A stray cat can be found out in the open during daylight hours where feral cats stay with nighttime prowling.

Both stray and feral cats are a heart wrenching situation to those that love cats. A feral cat will take many months to build up a cat and human relationship where a stray cat wears his heart on his sleeve and can be tamed without much of a problem. Feral cats do not know any other way of life where a stray cat has known the love of a family although it may have been short.  It is not difficult to tell if a cat is feral all you have to watch for is how quickly he disappears.