How to tell if a Ferret has a Fever

Ferrets just like humans can be riddled with sickness, especially flu symptoms and fever issues. They can get fevers over something minor like a small stomach flu or a cold, or can get fevers for something even worse such as diseases. How can you tell if your ferret has come down with a fever? Here are some steps to take up if you feel like your ferret is not acting one hundred percent.

Tired and weak acting –

If your ferret is usually lively and full of energy but is starting to lounge around and just lay about anywhere they can, then this can be a sign of a small fever. Ferrets with fevers do not act like their usual selves and will even sleep a lot more than they already do. If they have a sleepy eyed look and are walking around lethargic this is a sign they are coming down with a fever and have a cold. If they cannot walk up stairs anymore or even run around for a few seconds, they are very weak and unable and need treatment right away.

Not eating –

If your ferret is eating very small portions and not drinking enough water, this is another sign of a fever. They could also be drinking more water than they need if their fever is high, you can notice a more amount of water going down in their bottle if you catch them drinking. If they are not eating at all it is a sure sign of a sickness taking hold of them. So little eating to no eating is one of the biggest signs of fever in ferrets.

Change of mood –

If your ferret used to be more playful and had a great time running around with you and is now acting grumpy and even snappy, as in trying to bite, this is a sign of discomfort. They are not feeling their usual self and they do not even know they are trying to harm you as the fever can get to their heads. If this occurs, they need to seek out medical attention and you should bring them to a vet as soon as possible.

Since you cannot use a thermometer on a ferret, these three signs are the best way to tell if your ferret is acting up with a fever. Be ready for one if it comes their way and be sure to have the doctor’s number around at all times!