How to tell if a Ferret is going Blind

Ferrets unfortunately have poor eye sight to being with, so spotting a ferret with bad eye sight is one thing, but seeing them act differently over time might mean that their eyes are getting more and more weak. Having a ferret going blind can be a bit of a challenge because of the care they need, but it can be simple once you know how to handle it, as well as keeping sure you know what factors to look for when you assume they are blinding.

Getting their attention –

Ferrets use both sound and colors to grab their attention, if you wave one of their toys by their face they should come near to it. Purchase a more colorful toy to try to draw their attention to it, if the response is small or nothing then this is a sign of going blind or already at full blindness. You can even wave your hands in front of their eyes for a type of reaction as they notice movement quite well usually.

Put their bed in a different spot than usual –

This can be a quite helpful tactic when figuring out if your ferret is blind or blinding. They will always head to the same spot they usually know of when their eye sight is fading, so moving their nap spot will aid greatly. If they seem confused and go back that spot trying to nap on the floor instead of their blankets this is one of the biggest signs. If your ferret acts in this behavior be sure to not move around many of their things such as their food bowl, water bottle and of course nap spot, it will be beneficial into not confusing them. Although they can track their own scent, sometimes they can be baffled by a different placement.

Acting different with other ferrets –

If their eyesight is fading, they will respond to other ferrets in a very different manner, such as being more precautious and scared if they come up to play with them, especially if they nuzzle their nose. They wouldn’t be able to see this and it will surprise them greatly. The behavior is much different from a fully able ferret.

Keeping a blinding ferret gets easier with time as they need proper love and attention since they act more towards their instinct rather than their sights, their sense of smell is stronger as well. Just be careful and treat them nicely!