Information on Understanding a Cats Memory

Did you know that a cat’s memory can be 200 times more than a dog? The only difference is a cat only uses its memory for what’s important to him/her and what he/she regards as useful functions. You may find your cats memory quite selective. Cats usually act on what they discover for their own benefit. Their brains are constructed similar to the human brain. They possess frontal temporal, occipital and parietal lobes of their cerebral cortex the same as humans do. Parts of their brains are connected in the same way.

It is not difficult to see that a cat uses their memory quite often. This can be seen in the cat we adopted three years ago she, in her wisdom, has taught us many things one of which is she does have a memory. Mocha is a cat that is very lovable and knowledgeable. She lives in a home with two dogs and has taken on some of their ways which is quite funny at times. Nevertheless her memory is quite evident.

Mocha showed us a good example of a cat’s memory this summer. We had moved over five thousand miles away for the summer months and had taken Mocha with us. We were gone from April to the last of August. When we returned home we entered the house with Mocha in her cage. When we opened the door of her cage Mocha went straight up to her litter box upstairs which my friend had gotten ready in advance of our return. There was no hesitation in this travel. When she came back down she went straight for her favorite chair and curled up and went to sleep. There was no sniffing around like she does in strange places. She knew she was home and felt quite content. This was important to her so she remembered.

Mocha shows us every day that she is aware of what’s happening. Before we took Mocha I have a feeling she was use to can food but when we got her I found that this upset her stomach and placed her on dry food immediately. That was three years ago, she still runs when she hears me open a can of food.

Mocha can be sleeping anywhere in the house and I will ask where she is. It is not long after she will appear and meow as if to say “yep I’m still here”. The only thing that makes me doubt her memory, somewhat, took place a short time ago. We took our dogs to the groomers and she shampooed and cut them (2 American Cocker Spaniels with lots of fur) when we brought the dog’s home slim and trim, Mocha didn’t know them! She hissed and carried on for about ten minutes until she finally figured out they were her dogs.

Cats just like humans have short term and long term memory. Both of these memories help a cat to know their owner as well as where their litter box is. There is no doubt in my mind that cats can remember. Mocha shows us this on a daily bases.