Insect Facts Dragonfly

Dragonflies are one of the most enjoyable insects for me personally. I find them not only fascinating, but incredibly beautiful with their iridescence and seemingly lackadaisical flight maneuvers. They are not just your average insect flying about, either. Here are some interesting facts about the dragonfly that you may not know!

*With two sets of wings, the dragonfly can rest one and fly with the other if they wish. The wings do not have to work together as with most other insects.
*The dragonfly has eyes with up to thirty thousand lenses! This enables it to see almost three hundred sixty degrees at all times.
*The primary predators of the dragonfly are birds.
*The largest dragonfly found in current times was in Costa Rica. It has a wingspan of seven and one-half inches. Fossils have been found from prehistoric times, however, that had wingspans of over two feet.
*These wings are very strong and the dragonfly actually is quite the acrobatic flyer, putting on shows with flying loops, reversals, and hovering maneuvers. The front wings are longer than the rear wings, which allows for this fantastic flight ability.

*Dragonflies are one of the fastest insects, with some species able to travel up to thirty miles per hour.
*There are over five thousand different species of dragonflies. There are about four hundred that reside in the United States.
*Male dragonflies are extremely territorial and will not allow other males into their space.
*When a dragonfly is hatched, it is called a nymph and lives in the water for the first year of its life.
*The nymph eats polliwogs, insect nymphs, and baby fish while it is living in the water. The adult dragonfly will catch other insects in the air to sustain life. They are great at controlling mosquitoes, their favorite food.

*The nymph has a spear-like appendage on the top of its head that it uses to catch its food. These are very predatory insects indeed!
*The nymph stage of the dragonfly’s life is by far the longest. After the nymph leaves the water as a fully developed, adult dragonfly, it will only live for about one month.
*When the dragonfly has developed its wings (they are born without them), they leave the water only for the purpose of mating to continue on the species. This is how they spend the short period at the end of their lives.
*Dragonflies do not harm humans at all, but their curiosity often sends them flying around you just to see what you’re doing! Take a moment and be curious right back. Watching dragonflies is a very interesting pastime.