K 9 Cops Popular Dog Breeds used in Law Enforcement

They work as guard dogs and they are family companions. They help the handicapped and heal the sick. They also work alongside our men and women in law enforcement. There are hundreds of different dog breeds – each with their own unique characteristics and personalities. However, there are only a handful of dog breeds that are highly sought after to work in the police field. K-9 cops are a special group with an even more special partner – the police dog. The most popular dog breeds in law enforcement range from the fierce German Shepherd to the mild Beagle.

Belgian Malinois
Sometimes referred to as the Belgian Shepherd because of its close appearance to other shepherd breeds, the Belgian Malinois is used by both law enforcement and the military. The Malinois loves to work – they are ready to get to the task at hand long before their human counterparts. They are trained in law enforcement for a variety of tasks including uncovering drugs and as enforcement dogs. This breed is strong, obedient, and quick.

German Shepherd
Probably the most highly recognized breed in law enforcement, the German Shepherd is dependable, loyal, and strong. It will go to the wall for its handler, showing no fear against those who try to threaten it. The German Shepherd can be trained for enforcement, as trackers, and as a drug-sniffing dog.

Labrador Retriever
Because of their high intelligence and good nose, the Labrador Retriever is often used in police work to detect illegal drugs. Their friendly personalities do not make them good enforcement dogs but the work they do is remarkable. Their noses can find what the human eye may overlook.

In the movies, the Bloodhound is portrayed as the one who is hot on the tail of the escaped convict. Their nose is extraordinary – it can track trails that are days old. But the Bloodhound doesn’t just hunt down the bad guys; they also track lost children, trails of people who have gone missing, and as cadaver dogs. In law enforcement, Bloodhounds have also been used to detect illegal drugs but their most common duty is tracking.

The small Beagle will not be seen going after criminals but they can catch them in their own unique way. Like the Bloodhound, the Beagle has a good nose for drugs and tracking. The Beagle is very intelligent and when trained correctly, they serve as K-9 dogs to uncover illegal narcotics and to help find people.

These dog breeds can also serve special units for bomb sniffing and as arson dogs. What all of these dog breeds have in common is their extreme intelligence and trainability factor. They are very loyal and learn quickly. Some are quicker than others when it comes to speed, others have better stamina. But they all serve a purpose as a respected member in law enforcement agencies across the United States.