Mixed breeding with Siamese

Siamese cats are a popular breed. They are characterized by having a unique color pattern known as color-point. They also have blue eyes. If you have a cat and suspect it may be part Siamese, one way to know for sure is with DNA testing, but this is costly and not something everyone wants to do. You want to be able to guess simply by looking at the cat.


While all Siamese cats have the color-point pattern, this color is genetically recessive. When a purebred Siamese cat is bred to a totally non-Siamese cat the kittens are usually black, or black and white, but not always. Of course not every black, or black and white, cat is part Siamese, but this is just one thing to consider.

If a Siamese cat is bred to a half Siamese cat the kittens have a 50/50 chance of having Siamese color-point coloring. If bred to another half Siamese cat one in four kittens might have color-point coloring. In other words if a non color-point cat gives birth to color- point kittens, it must have some Siamese genetics itself, recessive genes masked by dominant color genes.


The coat of a Siamese cat tends to have thick guard hairs and may feel slightly greasy. Some Siamese crosses have the same texture on their coat. If the fur feels a bit coarse, it may be due to some Siamese cat genes.


All Siamese cats have blue eyes. A cat with blue eyes might have Siamese genetics. At one time crossed eyes were very common among Siamese cats, although this trait has been mostly bred out. Sometimes a kitten will be born with crossed eyes hinting that it might have some Siamese cat in its lineage.

Face Shape

At one time, forty years ago, Siamese cats had fairly normal shaped faces compared to the Siamese cat of today. Today’s Siamese often have extreme facial features, a trait some traditional breeders are trying to get away from but that might show up in some mixed Siamese litters. A wedged-shape face could suggest that a cat is part Siamese.


Siamese cats tend to have a distinct meow, it can sound a big more harsh than the meow of most cats. As well Siamese cats tend to be fairly vocal.


Siamese cats are quite intelligent, they are curious and active. They are highly trainable and are fast learners.


Overall you cannot be sure your cat is part Siamese unless you have a DNA test done, however by making some general observations on the cat you can come to some conclusions. Remember though, that without registration papers you cannot call your cat a purebred of any breed.