Monkeys Pets Biting Abuse

Monkeys are NOT pets. They are wild animals. Regardless of whether you raise them from 1 day old, when they reach sexual maturity, around 5 years old, give or take dependent upon species, they become wild animals.

Reasons why monkeys should not be kept as pets:

Biting! – Yes, that cute baby monkey you are raising can and will bite, sometimes doing irreparable damage to human tissue. Monkeys have fur and thick skin. When they bite each other, they do far less damage than what they can do to humans. Look at pictures of monkeys showing their teeth (a warning of an impending bite, more than likely). See the fangs! Monkeys have enormous fangs than can rip through human skin and meat before you even know what’s happening.

Bad behaviors (wild behaviors) – Monkeys like to eat their poop. Better than that, they like to throw their poop at you and your family. They also enjoy pleasuring themselves and couldn’t care less if you’re watching. Monkeys like to swing from things (curtains, pictures hanging on your walls, clothing hanging in your closet, etc.). They don’t stop when you tell them “no”. They don’t care what you say, you’re not their troupe. They will grab, throw, break anything and everything that is not nailed down.

Bonding/hierarchy – Monkeys live in hierarchial troupes. Humans are not and will never be part of their troupe, even if the monkey is born and raised in captivity. Monkeys are born with a high hierarchial dependence or not. Those monkeys that are born with high regards to hierarchy will not bond with and will torture any and all females it comes in contact with. It’s not the monkey’s fault, he’s a wild animal and doesn’t belong around humans. This may not be a problem for a single male owner, as long as he never brings a woman or female child into his home. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard from women who are terrified of their or their family’s pet monkeys.

Diseases – Monkeys carry diseases. Horrible diseases. Can you say “tuberculosis”…

Intelligence – Monkeys are very intelligent. Don’t think that locking your doors and hiding the keys will keep your monkey from escaping through your front door. Monkeys will find the keys, open the lock and let themselves out the door. They are so highly intelligent that something like finding a key and opening a door would be done quicker than you could even understand what they’re doing before they’re out the door.

Smell – Monkeys stink, point blank!

In conclusion, monkeys do not, in any way, make good pets. So many well-meaning, “prepared” people have gotten monkeys and then endured terror and pain at the monkey’s hands (and teeth) after a few years. This has resulted in many unwanted pet monkeys being turned over to zoos, preserves and worse, being abused and even killed by their human owners. Give yourself a break and choose a domestic pet instead.