Most Dangerous Fish in the World

The planet’s water systems has its fair share of dangerous creatures, and indeed has some of the most well known predators, with the likes of the Great White Shark and Saltwater Crocodiles, there are though many dangerous fish, that people may often come face to face with.

Most people would immediately think of the some of the shark family as being the most dangerous fish. The Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark and Oceanic White Tip Shark are certainly recognised as having killed people, although out of four hundred species of shark, there are few others that will ever attack people. There is of course a lot of publicity about shark attacks on people, but in most cases sharks have either been provoked or have mistaken a scuba diver or surfer as another sea creature. Shark attacks though are rare and only a handful of people are killed in a year by a combination of all shark attacks.

In a similar vein Barracudas, Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish have also been known to attack people, but again the probability is that these attacks are a case of mistaken identity.

Arguable the most dangerous fish in the world though are not the large ones who can devour people, but those fish that have venom that can poison people. As strange as it may seem there are far more venomous fish in the world than snakes. This group of Venomous fish include the likes of stingrays, scorpion fish, catfish, surgeonfish and stonefish. The Puffer Fish is probably the most poisonous of fish, but it is the Reef Stonefish that is considered the deadliest of fish.

Stonefish look just like stones and as a result are often stood upon. The spines of the stonefish can penetrate footwear, and venom is then released. The pain is often said to unbearable, and the venom often leads to amputation, but if not treated can lead to death.

The stingray though has had recent publicity about its deadly ability after Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a barb in 2006.

Rivers though are in many ways no safer than the open sea, not least because the Bull Shark can be present, but also because rivers are home to other dangerous fish. The Piranha is often perceived as a deadly fish of the Amazon, able to strip a body to the bones in seconds. This though is generally a myth perpetuated by movies, Piranhas can strip the flesh off of large animals but there have never been any confirmed accounts of swarms of Piranhas attacking humans.

The Amazon though is home to the Candiru, an unpleasant and potentially dangerous fish. Most of the family of fish are incredible small, and are renowned for its ability to invade the human urethra, normally requiring surgery to remove it.

The world’s waterways are home to a number of dangerous fish, but the chances of encountering any are slim.