Natures Recipe Cat Food Cat Feline

As a owner of two finicky cats, I can say that I have bought just about every brand of cat food under the sun.

My two cats are quite similar. Well, so it seemed. Until it became apparent that they differ greatly in the fact that one would eat only wet canned cat food, and the other would eat only dry cat food.

When I first got my two cats they were kittens. I started off feeding them both wet canned food as I though it would be easier dor them to eat. As they grew I discovered there food preferences. It was always easy to figure out what brands they would not eat, because those happened to be just about every common cat food brand available. I finally found two brands, one for each cat.

This became a big ordeal when my pet store happened to run out of one of the brands I bought. On one such occasion I discovered Natures Recipe.

I noticed that Natures Recipe had food that catered to every type of cat need that there is. Including balanced diet, indoor cats, urinary tract, healthy heart, and weight control.

I particularly noticed the food for indoor cats, and another for weight control. My cats both happen to be indoor cats but one of them is a little heavy, so I thought it was great to find this new food that could better address my cats needs than the other brands I had tried. I ended up buying a couple of cans of wet food and a bag of dry food, went home, and gave some to my cats.

The next morning I was surprised to find the dry bag of cat food strewn about the kitchen floor. The bag was shredded and it immediately became apparent to me that my cats had gotten the bag out of the cupboard to get some more food. What surprised me even more was that my cat who would only eat wet canned cat food was actually eating the dry Natures Recipe food as well.

I love Natures Recipe as much as my cats do. Now my two cats will eat the same food which makes things a little easier for me.

With all natural ingredients, real chicken, lamb, and salmon I know that Natures Recipe is healthy for my cats and the fact that they love it so much is even better.

Both of my cats currently enjoy the Natures Recipe Indoor Lifestyle Chicken and Rice Recipe. I decided to stick with Natures Recipe and their indoor formula because my cats like it so much. It not only provided natural ingredients, real chicken, all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they need but, it also provides natural fiber that indoor cats lack.

Now when my cats are hungry, they always let me know when they want more with loud meows.