Fleas on Kittens

Fleas are horrible creatures that feed of off the blood of who ever they decide to hop onto. They can carry disease from one host to another, transmitting the sickness when they bite. Is it any wonder that we battle

Natural Flea Remedies for Cats

You walk out your front door one summer afternoon and find a pitiful stray kitten on your doorstep. You reach to pick it up, but are horrified to see that it is crawling with fleas. It’s obviously too young to

Caring for Young Chicks

Easter is here and there are images of fluffy little baby chicks everywhere. Children see these cuddly pictures of Easter chicks and imagine them as their very own living toys. Many parents have visions of their perfect little angel cuddling

Feeding Stray Cats

Kindhearted souls are often tempted to help stray, obviously starving animals, and this is no bad thing. However, caring for a stray, malnourished cat isn’t as simple as putting out food and water on a daily basis. And putting out

Introducing Dogs to Young Children

Introducing a dog to young children can be intimidating. Whether bringing home a new dog or walking a dog out in the neighborhood, caution needs to be taken to ensure the safety of both the dog and the children. Learning

Signs of Excessive Grooming in Cats

Most cats groom themselves on and off throughout the day. Grooming not only keeps them clean, but cats also use grooming to improve their mental health, an upset cat will often groom itself to relieve stress. Some cats have problems

How to Cure a Cats Bad Breath

Cats usually exhibit bad breath to some extent because they are carnivores.  Therefore, it is quite normal that they exhibit a bit of odor after a meal. If your cat is consistently producing bad breath, it can be alarming. This disorder is

Best Cat Shampoos

Choosing the right shampoo for your cat remains the ideal way of helping your pet keep clean and free from fleas. Quality cat shampoos contain only natural organic ingredients that help reduce your loving cat’s exposure to harmful petrochemicals. When

Kitten Flea Control

Treating fleas on kitten can be done with a variety of different flea control products. Fleas on kittens can be challenging because many are too young for flea shampoos and flea dips. If your flea issue is more than you

Best Cat Shampoo

As a rule, cats hate baths and so do cat owners.  If you have ever given a cat a bath you know what a struggle it can be.  Some cats like baths but they are far and few between.  For