Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer

Pedi Paws is this supposedly terrific nail trimmer for pets. It operates on batteries and the sanding disk is supposed to make trimming your pet’s nails simple, quick and pain free for the pet. I have watched all of the infomercials, read all of the reports and even watched the video on the Pedi Paws web site.

The instructions are quite clear as to how you need to “introduce” Pedi Paws to your pet. First you should have it around your pet without turning it on. Let them inspect it and satisfy their curiosity about just what they think this gadget is. Once the pet seems okay to have it around them, them you should turn it on and let your pet get used to the noise it makes.

I thought this would be a terrific way to trim my squirmy little Shih Tzu’s toe nails. He absolutely hates having his feet touched, which makes grooming him a real chore. I thought this would be so much easier for him and me both. I even agreed with the theory of the Pedi Paws being safer. I always fear that I will cut into the quick on his nails, which could cause him much pain and possibly bleeding.

While I pondered over the decision to order the Pedi Paws from the web site, I happen to see them at Wal-Mart. They were displayed on the “As seen on TV” shelf. Thinking that this would save the shipping cost, I grabbed one up. I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

As it turns out, the Pedi Paws is still in the box, never used. Oh, I showed it to my Shih Tzu, just like it says to. While he did not mind sniffing it, and wondering what new toy I had drug up, he certainly was not letting me get it near his feet.

When I eventually turned it on, he became the great magically disappearing dog. No way was I going to get that noisy thing close to him. In truth, the Pedi Paws is not really that loud, but considering that his hearing is better than mine, maybe it is loud to him. Perhaps it is like the dentist coming at you with the drill. I’d run from that if I could.

Apparently, those dogs they use in the videos that advertise the Pedi Paws are exceptionally well trained. They just sit there and hold their paw up for the trimming. Don’t I wish! There is no way I can manage to hold a 12 pound squirming, hairy frightened dog still while trying to fit that thing onto his nails to trim them.

A friend also purchased the Pedi Paws for her Chihuahua and had the same result. Her Pedi Paws is still in the box too. So, it is not just that I have a very spoiled dog, that hates his feet to be touched. My friend trims her Chihuahua’s nails with regular clippers and has no problem. The Pedi Paws terrified him too though.

I personally never got past getting the Pedi Paws out of the box and putting batteries in it. But if you think your dog will take to it better than mine did, I know where you can get one that’s never been used! Actually, make that two of them…