Pedigree Pet Foods

We love our cats. They become part of the family. We want a healthy family and there for we want healthy cats. We want a well balanced cat food to put in front of our feline friends at feeding time. Is Pedigree one of our best choices?

I once had a cat who loved Pedigree. It was his favorite choice of food so I bought it. The cat was very sleek and healthy. He was playful, energetic, and everyone bragged on how beautiful he was. I usually fed him dry cat food so that we could avoid giving him the trots but on occasion I did mix in some wet food to make sure that he was getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals he needed.

Pedigree is made with the nutrients and vitiams that your cat will need. It is filled with protein, fiber, calcium and so many other much needed ingredients. Pedigree comes in many flavors so you can choose what flavor you would like to feed your pet. Variety allows a change in taste with the same great nutrition. Your cats taste buds can be enticed while you know you are doing what you should be doing for your pet. Pedigree is tasty and your cat will love it.

Background Information on the Pedigree Company:

In 1934 the company that would become known as Pedigree was formed. The company at this time was known as Mars Confections and was also a chocolate company. The company began by selling meat by products that could not be used for human consumption. The company was a hit until World War II when metal became scarce for the cans needed to package the pet food. The company held on and in 1972 became the company we know today Pedigree Pet-foods Ltd. Whiskas is the most well known brand of Pedigree cat food and in the 1970s were the company’s largest produced pet food.

Pedigree ran into more competition in the pet food industry during the 1980s and 90s. The pet food recall this past year in 2008 greatly affected the creditability of Pedigree. The recall was caused when 2 employees were thought to have been infected with Salmonella. Owners of pets who used any of the 14 pet foods recalled were encouraged to check the dates on the bags and cans of pet food before feeding their pets the food. The recall dates were February and July of 2008. Many pets became ill during this recall and many died. It is easy to see how creditability of a company could easily be compromised when faced with such a situation.

I have to admit after the recall I did back off from Pedigree for my cat. I do feel that the food is safe or else it would have been pulled from the shelves in all your local stores. If your pet enjoys Pedigree you are probably safe to feed them what they like and it be safe. It is a very good product and before the recall I had no doubt about using the products they made. My cat was both healthy and beautiful.

Overall Pedigree is a trusted brand by millions of pet owners. Many are weary today after the recall but I feel the product is safe. I may once again turn to Pedigree for my cat. I now switch not only flavors but also brands of food when I buy for my cat. The recall does cross my mind when I am looking for a food for my cat but many of the brands were recalled not just Pedigree alone. Many people around the world is using the same foods that were pulled from the shelf. Pedigree is a great brand and it is great for your pet. I could always rest assured that my cat was getting the things needed for a healthy lifestyle when I fed him Pedigree.

Pedigree is not the cheapest of food you can purchase for your pet but it is also not the most costly. You can get a small bag for five or six dollars and larger bags for around eleven or twelve. You can find Pedigree at pet shops, mass merchandisers, and many other areas where pet foods are sold.