Pedipaws Product Review

PediPaws dog nail trimmer has become one of the newest dog accessories advertised on television. The product raves that PediPaws “is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat.” These types of grooming accessories are designed for pet owners who don’t want to use conventional nail trimmers. If you are considering buying the PediPaws especially from the commercial or their official website, there are some precautions you should be aware of.

The PediPaws has a motorized grinder on the end of the tool with a cover that goes over the grinder. The cover has one oval-sized opening that you insert your dog’s nail in to gently file the nail down. The cover is also supposed to catch any nail dust or clippings that come off of the nail while filing the nail. First step is to make sure you have two size “C” batteries on hand to use the PediPaws when it arrives. Using the tool is basic, turn it on, place the dog’s nail in the opening and file down the nail.

Sound simple enough? Well, actually it was since our large hound is mild mannered and will practically allow us to try anything new on him. However, it took us approximately 45 minutes to complete all four paws even with old Buddy just laying there with a look on his face like “what are they doing to me now?”. Buddy has thick, black nails and it does require a little bit of effort when trimming his nails. The process might have not have taken so long except the grinder and batteries wore out after two paws. This tool may have better success with cats or smaller dogs that don’t have thick nails.

The cover on the grinder only caught a minimal amount of nail dust and debris and what it did catch, seemed to clog the grinder. You know the saying “you get what you pay for”; this tool should be a poster child for that saying. The advertisement on television sales the tool for $19.99 plus shipping and you get a shedding tool “free” when you pay postage and handling. I was lucky to find the PediPaws being sold at Walgreens where they sale many “as seen on TV” type products. I paid the $19.99 (plus tax) without all of the extra charges that can be added on when ordering online or over the phone.

The tool came with an extra grinder and for my money, I may get a few uses from the tool before I will have to order more grinders. What I have found to work better with our hound is to trim the nails with regular clippers to a comfortable point and then use the PediPaws to finish the job. There are two other tools similar to the PediPaws that came out before this product. Most groomers love the Dremel tool and there is also the Peticure. I had considered the Peticure except this tool is only recommended for small pets. Both of these products do cost more than the PediPaws tool and the Peticure has multiple openings on the cover for different size nails.

If you do order from the television advertisement or online, expect to pay more than the product is worth. The shipping on the PediPaws is $7.99 and the company charges an additional $7.99 for the “free” Shed Ender tool totaling $35.97. You can also expect to wait weeks for your shipment to arrive and hope you don’t receive a defective product. Returns can be a hassle and you won’t be refunded your shipping charges. This should always be a consideration when ordering anything from television advertisements.

These tools are not designed to save time as they take longer to grind the nail down rather than just clipping it off. My recommendation if you want a pet nail grinder for dogs with thick, black nails is to invest in a Dremel. If you choose to try the PediPaws, purchase the product from a reputable store such as Walgreens or Bed, Bath and Beyond where you can return the product if it is defective or parts are missing.