Pedipaws Review

My dog’s nails are clicking on my hardwood fllors as she runs across the dining room , leaving my iwfe some nice scratchs in the oak flooring to polish out, and me with a headache as my wife yells” You have got to get something done about that %#@$)(&#@#% nails.” So I haul myself up off the couch and head down to the local Wal-mart, where i know they carry the revolutionary new tool for trimming pets nails, The Pedipaws, and for around 20 bucks i can get my wife off my back for a little while, and maybe even get some brownie points for being such a clever shopper.

I buy this miraculous tool rush home to give my faithful old friend a first class pedicure, something she has never had, which will come into play in just a minute. I call my best good friend up onto the couch with me for a playful romp for a second then I whip out my new weapon against scratched floors and ticked off wives. “Wait a minute ” says my wife as she reads the directions that came with the tool,something i rarely do (it’s a guy thing), “What” i say. She starts reading about how you should familiarize your dog to the tool before actually using it, “Well for how long” I ask “I don’t know she says. “Oh ok if that is what it says to do”. So i go about getting Maggie used to this contraption not ever knowing how long it takes, because for 6 weeks everytime I turned the Pedipaws on anywhere around Maggie there was a black blur heading for under the bed.

In the Pedipaws instructions it said first to get the dog used to the machine while not running, ok did that I could rub it all over my dog’s body and no reaction, did that for 3-4 days no problem. Then it said to do the same with Pedipaws running ok that makes sense. Click, buzzzzzzzzzzzz, crash, bang OW!, black blur under the bed, now is when it became apparent that Maggie had never had a pedicure. Since then i haven’t been able to even turn the Pedipaws on in the same room and sometimes not even if Maggie can hear it.

Then there is the guard on the Pedipaws, which id suppose to protect your pet and catch nail filings but my Maggie’s nails would not fit into the small hole provided to put the nail through to access the grinding wheel. And after i took the cover off and tried it that way, after wrestling a 120 lb black lab to the ground and holding on for dear life with yelping and yelling and no small amount of discomfort it still took my wife 45 mins to an hour to do much trimming at all at which point i let go and gave up.

So i guess waht my opinion is “The Pedipaws may be an excellent product for mild mannered,old,tired, or small easily held dogs, but for me and my 120 lb Black Labrador it didn’t work so well. What happened to the Pedipaws you ask, well I took it our to the woodshop makes a real nice detail sander. Hey there’s a new marketing idea.