Pet Sitter or Boarding Kennel who should Care for your Pet while You’re away – Kennel

I have always used a kennel for my dog, and I would trust them more to look after my dog while I was away than some strange pet sitter. Ideally, having the pet come with you, or having a family member sit is the best option, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

More than anything, I would feel safer that a kennel was looking after my dogs. They usually either have a vet on premises, or on emergency call. They are professionals, who know how to care for dogs. The kennel that I take my dogs to is also a training facility that uses gentle methods, so I know that they are going to treat my dogs well, and that they can handle them properly.

I also know exactly what they are eating and that they are not being neglected. Should my dogs do anything violent to either the other dogs or the staff there (heaven forbid) I know they will be separated and cared for until we can come pick them up. Should something happen to a pet sitter, the dogs could be left without care, or treated badly afterwards.

The kennel that I go to makes sure that all other dogs that are left there are fully vaccinated, so I know that my dogs are safe. They have the dogs play with only similar size dogs, so that they do not get hurt. They will let my dogs sleep in the same kennel (bigger than the standard kennel) so the young one does not cry (as he is very attached to the older one). Flexibility is important to me, and I know that they will do everything according to my wishes. There is no guarantee of this with a pet sitter.

Always visit the kennel before leaving your dogs, making sure to check the cleanliness of the facilities. Double check the cages that your dog will be staying in, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Different kennels have different procedures, and it is in your dog’s best interests to find out what they are. Some kennels will only feed certain food others will feed whatever you want them to feed. Some will have both individual playtime with a staff member as well as interaction with the other dogs. Some with have one or the other. Some will have none.

Some have basic facilities others have luxury suits with a radio or a television for your dog to listen to. Ask about there policies in regards to injury or illness most kennels will call a vet the instance there is anything wrong. Also check if will accommodate your dog’s special needs, if it has any.

Personally, I would not trust a pet sitter in my home or with my dogs. I would prefer to place them in a kennel where the staff are all trained and experienced. I know exactly what they are eating, how often they are being played with or walked, and that they will be looked at by a vet immediately should the situation arise. They are also covered by insurance, which is not something a pet sitter necessarily has, should something happen.